FAMILY is my everything, they are the foundation of love and connection. Family means unwavering support, encouragement and growth.


EMPOWERMENT to live an authentic life true to your values and actively pursuing your dreams while making deliberate choices that bring you closer to what you truly desire. 


FREEDOM is the power to express, create and explore life in our own unique way. It's the essence of being true to ourselves. 

I'm Brendan - Founder of The Healing Breath


The Healing Breath was formed out of my own personal journeying within, especially after attending a mens retreat in late 2022 and not only experiencing the amazing power of the breath for myself in that setting, also witnessing the effects and transformations on the other men attending.

Doing breathwork as a practice myself for over 12 months and toying with it on and off over a few years, that mens retreat was the catalyst for my direction change and pointed me to my true calling.

Since that moment, I have dived in with the SOMA and have certified as a SOMA Advanced Breath Instructor. I am so passionate about breathwork and how it can help humanity in so many ways. When I hold space for you, know that you will be receiving a whole lot of love, strength, support and guidance all wrapped up with my own touch of creativity.

Family - The support and drive

My family is my everything - they are my pillars of support, my inspiration, and the driving force behind my desire to constantly improve myself.

My wife Carol and I first met in 2008 while working at a kids' summer camp in the USA. Despite coming from different corners of the world, Carol from England and myself from Australia, we hit it off instantly. After working in the USA and Canada for almost a year, we decided to settle down in Australia.

We married in 2011 and started building our family, welcoming our son Taylor in 2013, followed by our daughters Grace and Evie in 2016 and 2019.


Life - How we live

In January 2021, a conversation with a close friend changed everything. When I shared our desire to travel around Australia in a van someday, our friend asked, "Why not do it now, all together as a family?" That simple question was the moment that set us on a new path in our life.

Between that conversation and April 1st of the same year, we took the necessary steps to make our dream a reality. We started our full-time travel with a camper trailer, then moved on to a hybrid van, and now we travel in a full-size van. Our entire family is on the road, living in a caravan and exploring all the beauty that Australia has to offer.

We homeschool our children, which gives them the freedom to be themselves and learn at their own pace. Through our travels, they are gaining invaluable life lessons that cannot be found within the four walls of a traditional classroom.

And it is through this new way of life that I am able to share the power of breathwork with others, wherever we go. Whether we cross paths in person or connect online, I look forward to spreading the benefits of this practice with all those I meet.