Free yourself, discover the transformative power of breathwork and embark on a journey of self.

This practice involves consciously controlling your breath to enhance your overall well-being. Breathwork has been used for millennia across cultures as a healing tool. Today, it is gaining popularity as a holistic therapy with scientific research backing its benefits. Whether you seek stress relief, improved focus, increased energy, emotional healing, or spiritual growth, breathwork is a versatile and accessible path to wellness.

As a traveling Breathwork Facilitator and certified SOMA Advanced Breath Instructor, I bring the power of breath to you as my family and I explore Australia and beyond.

So join us on this journey, take a deep breath and get ready to experience the magic of breathwork.


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I'm Brendan, founder of The Healing Breath

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About The Healing Breath

I, Brendan Holland, am proud to be working as part of “The Healing Breath”.

The Healing Breath is a Not-For-Profit Association providing community based services and education. As a travelling breathwork facilitator, I bring the power of the breath wherever I am throughout Australia and the world.

In exchange for your contributions to our NFP, we provide our services to you in return, giving you the tools and education you need to live a truly fulfilling life.

"You've done more for me in 6 months with the breathwork than what over 20 years of therapy ever has!"

C. Groves

"This was probably the most powerful breathwork session I've ever had, I feel like a very different person than what I was when I walked in. There's a strong sense of clarity, joy and curiosity, it was truly awesome and Brendan is incredible."

J. Swan
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Life is meant to be shared, we are meant to be connected. At The Healing Breath we are all about connection to our brothers and sisters as well as connection within ourselves.

Whether you are yet to start your journey within or have already started your dive, The Healing Breath is here to support you and provide you with the tools to allow you to lead and live your best, most true life.

Find out below some of the ways in which you can work with me to take your life to the next level!

1:1 or Group Mentoring

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Private Community

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Are you ready to journey within?

With me as your guide, experience the power of your breath and take control of your life!

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